Internal Room Dividers

Adding flexibility to your home with the freefold door system. These internal room dividers are available in Oak an on any internal 24" Oak door.

Whether you want to create one room or two rooms the freefold door is the perfect choice.

The system allows you to create two rooms by closing all of the doors and also allows you to create one large room by fully opening the doors.

The freefold product includes the Oak veneered frame (including head, jambs & decorative stops), floor mounted guide and all folding hardware (excluding handles).

Our new Oak and Pine easi frame system provides the altimate in flexibility for room divider design.

Simply choose any internal oak or a pine door from our range (either a single or a pair of doors) and then choose a demi panel or side panel to complement the door style.

Some of the benefits of Intenal Room Dividers are as follows - 

- Completely personable to you: our range of room dividers allows you to add your own personal touch to your decor.

- Easy access: to different rooms and settings with one easy swipe 

- Increased room space

- Easier to merge the indoors & outdoors

- Design and overall look: our quality range adds an incredible feel to your home not only from a practicality standpoint, but from an aesthetic one too. These can be a beautiful addition to your home. 

Numerous configurations can be created to suit any home, for a full list of options apertures required please contact us for further assistance.