Internal Oak Fire Doors

If you're looking to buy Internal Fire Doors, then look no further than our quality range! With more houses needing to have internal fire doors installed due to recent local government legislation i.e. Loft conversions and extensions you can still have the same doors matching all through your home. Oak Fire Doors not only provide the safety element to your home, but they can also add a stylish & luxurious feel also. 

All of our fire doors come 44mm thick and have a Chilton fire certificate number of (BMTRADA6/1544/014)

So even if you are choosing oak internal doors or even White Internal doors you can have all your new doors matching throughout your home. 

Why Buy Oak Fire Doors?

Fire doors have the primary function of protection for you in your home or place of work. But why buy Oak Doors? Oak is one of the finest timbers to use for internal doors and visually look more appealing, giving it a prime finish and display. Oak doors can add a sense of style and luxury to your interior décor, as they almost compliment all flooring types perfectly, adding to the style and feel to your home. Here are a few more reasons on why to buy Oak Fire Doors….

  • Tough & Robust – Oak material is generally tougher and stronger than others – which make them ideal fire doors. These doors are made to a high standard, where the emphasis is on longevity.
  • Long Lasting – Oak generally last longer than other materials and is also more resistant to wear and tear because of its robust nature. It will look just as good over the span of many years as from the day it was first installed.
  • Better Insulating properties – Because of the robust nature of oak finishes, they generally keep a room better insulated, reducing the air that cold air that can come into a room.
  • Noise Reduction – again, due to fire doors being stronger and tougher in nature, they generally keep noise levels down from the outside. Now don’t worry, you will still hear the doorbell! The oak can shield any unwanted noise that may arise. 

Click below to see our quality range of Internal Oak Fire Doors, and buy now! 

Product Expansion - Fire Doors

Ideal Doors have expanded our range even further now with a complete range of Fire Doors to match our internal Oak, Hardwood, Pine and White doors.

Our wide range of Fire Doors are the very best in the market and are highly sought after. So if you are looking for a fine and safe range of oak fire doors for your home, then have a look through our range or get in touch with us.

We have been in the industry for many years and our experience sets us apart. Not only do we do a fine range of oak doors, but we have a wide range of styles and finishes to suit you and your requirements. As soon as you make a purchase online, your door will then be marked to be delivered. And don't forget, we deliver across the UK and not just locally. So don't be put off by our location, as we ship all across the UK. 

With interior design being at the helm of households across the UK, it’s no surprise that things like doors, which were once overlooked, are now considered to be an attractive decorative part of a home’s interior. And nothing says quality more than a wooden door that is both stylish and long lasting. All our doors are available in different styles and contrasts, to make them unique and relevant for your home. Not only are our doors desirable from a design and longevity perspective, but they will unquestionably add value to your home too. You may be thinking that with all these incredible benefits of these doors that they will come with a monumental price tag? Well you will be pleasantly surprised that our doors are not only very attractive, but also very affordable. 

There is also a 10 year guarantee in place for all purchases. This is how confident we are that our doors are of the highest quality. A 10 year guarantee is something which isn't given away everyday! But we believe we offer the best quality product and we are certain you will agree.

So for a fine choice of Oak Fire Doors and much more. Click now and make your purchase.