Internal Door Frames, Architrave and Skirting Board

Looking for Internal or Double Door Frames? We have a great selection of high quality, affordable internal door frames available to suit your needs. If you are choosing an internal Pine Door, we have a softwood door frame to suit. However, if you are buying an Internal Oak Door, then why not choose an Internal Oak Door Frame so that you can stain, or wax your frame to match the door.

The inclusion of new frames allows to not only eliminate the hassle of stripping out existing framework, but also gives your setting an injection of life and personality. 

These frames will not only give your home an injection of character but will ensure that your doors fit snug and comfortably, signifcantly reducing any potential drafts that may force their way in. 


Internal Wooden Door Frame Packaging

All of our internal door frames are flat packed, so we can always pack one in with the door you have ordered.

Frames come as a standard size and can be cut down in width and height to fit your door opening size.

These frames fit all of our internal doors sizes.

View the above product range for more details on the individual products - which are certain to take match to your requirements. Our superior and durable range of frames includes Oak to a style that is suitable for any purpose. 

And with our 10 year guarantee, you can rest assured that you will have a quality & long lasting product that will serve you very well. We also deliver UK wide, by our carefully selected courier team. Call now to find out more.