Internal Bi-fold Doors

Our interior bi-folding doors are part of our internal wooden doors range and are perfect for those without much space available in the home. The concertina design means that the doors easily fold back on themselves, ensuring the space needed to open and close the door is minimised. 

Bi-fold doors are also often referred to as folding sliding doors and are renowned to be a real space saver. These doors are often installed in spaces that are limited and connecting rooms to the outdoors – such as a garden entrance or through conservatories and orangeries. But beyond these functions, these doors can be used for a multitude of scenarios. 

Create Extra Space with Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Our internal bi-fold doors can be fitted in doorways for small rooms such as bathrooms or cupboards without requiring space for the door to swing open, which helps save you space in your home.

Take a look at our fantastic, high quality range of internal bi-fold doors:

All Bi-Fold doors are supplied pre-cut to allow for the track (that is supplied with the door) to 77" tall.

All Bi-Fold doors will suit a 78" (1981) opening height door opening 

Our Bi Fold doors are becoming an increasingly sought after product in both the domestic and commercial market and is now often the ‘go to’ door that people will choose for a number of reasons. 

Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors

Apart from being known for its space saving function, Bi fold Doors are also known for its diverse and flexible range of design. The styles that we offer have a sense of individuality that makes it easier to match the interior décor of your home. Simply put, if you are you looking for internal bi-fold doors, then look no further than Ideal Doors.

  • Extra space function – Bi Fold doors slide through panels that do not take up as much space as traditional doors.
  • Maximizing More Natural Light - Bi-folding doors are designed in such a way, where glass panels are added into the design, giving the opportunity for natural     lighting to be enhanced.
  • Expansive Functionality & Security
  • Slim & Sleek
  • Energy Efficient Properties
  • Can Add Value to your property

We have a wide range of these doors available within our online catalogue below. If you know exactly what you are looking for then scroll down to your desired door and buy now. If you are unsure however and need some advice, then call us and we will consult with you on the best solution for your home.


 Need Further Information?

If you require any further information regarding our internal bi-fold doors, plese contact us and we'll provide you with unbiased advice.