Internal Fully Oak Finished Doors

Even if you are looking for a internal Fully-finished door, you will be amazed at the finish of this door. It has been sprayed with white satin paint, so you will get a hard wearing finish. If you get a stain or spill on the door just use a damp clean cloth to bring the door back to new.

If you’re looking for that Oak effect look, you will be amazed with the pre-finished oak doors. These come with a clear satin high build clear matt/satin wood varnish with a fantastic factory finish anybody will like. The varnish does darken the door a little but it brings out all the wood grain effect to give it that brilliant Oak look.

Here are the ideal doors if you have a busy life and do not have the time to paint or stain your door. Simply order from our pre-finished range, have your door fitted and that’s it. You don’t have to start getting the paint or the stain out to treat your door - It is already done for you!

And with many years of direct experience within this industry, our prefinished internal doors truly do stand the test of time. Which is why we put the guarantee on them that we do. From both a practical and aesthetic viewpoint, these doors look and feel the part, and are ready to go as they are fit for purpose. Taking much of the legwork out for you. Convenience, style and finesse are all qualites that are inhibited by this wonderful range. 

Arrange a fully-Finished Door

If you don’t see the door you require in our pre-finished section just ask and we can quote you for the door you are looking at and we can arrange to have this door pre-finished for you.