Door Fitting & Maintenance

It is essential that all doors are fitted square, plumb and true and fixed to the surrounding brickwork in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines or project specifications where applicable.

All external doors, doors weighing over 20 kilograms and internal doors, where large differences in temperature or humidity on opposite faces can be expected (eg airing cupboards), should be hung using 3 hinges.

Any door lock mortices should not be cut through door frame joints as this will weaken the rail joint and impair long term performance. If any part of a finished door is drilled or cut exposing 'raw' timber, then this surface should be immediately treated with a suitable preservative and re-coated with primer and paint or stain.

Fire resistant doors should not be altered on site. Glazing apertures should NEVER be cut on site without first consulting the door manufacturer and local Fire Officer.

Door frames should be set well back in the brickwork from the outer face of the wall, or protected by a canopy. Failing this, then a protruding head drip should be fitted. Outward opening external doors should be especially well protected.

Glazing panels should meet the necessary legal requirements for safety glass and should be fitted using glazing tape or compound to both sides of the glass.